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5 Points To Optimize School’s Instagram Profile & Gain Followers Fast in 2022

Today, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms having over 25 Crore active users in India as of 2022 (which is 17% of the total population) and is continuously growing.

As a result, Instagram accounts have become a necessity for almost every business in this digital age, including schools.

There are two main components of your Schools Instagram Account. First is the content you will share on your feed and second is your profile that will be viewed by your prospect customers.

It's likely to have you an Instagram account at this point and if not these points will help you to set up your account correctly. Even if you already have your School's Instagram check these tips to get the best out of Instagram.

Here is the 5 Points to optimize your school's Instagram profile.

5 Points To Optimize School's Instagram Profile

Setting up Your School's Instagram profile correctly is the major factor to convert your viewers into followers and to reach a wider audience. According to facts an SEO friendly name can increase your accounts reach three times.

5 Points To Optimize Your School's IG Profile

  1. Rights Username
  2. Awesome Avatar Photo
  3. Right Subtitle/ Name
  4. SEO friendly bio
  5. CTA with link

Let's take a closer look at these five points for School's Instagram account. But make sure to switch your Instagram account to a business profile before moving on to these points. (Here is the benefits of Instagram business profile according to Hootsuite)

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1. Choosing Right Username For Your School's Instagram Profile

Choose a simple, memorable and easy to find Instagram username that reflects your school name and is easy to understand.

Keep your username small & try to avoid using numbers, such as @schoolname046, for your username. In case your desired username is not available, you can use underscore (_) or initial letters of your school name.

"Usernames with numbers look spammy and less trustworthy."

2. School Instagram's Avatar Photo

Remember that your profile picture is the first thing people see in your school's Instagram account. So keep your profile photo as your business marker.

Use your logo OR another familiar image as your school's Instagram account's profile picture. Note that your profile image is circular and while uploading Instagram will automatically crop it so make it accordingly.

Minimum dimensions required by Instagram for your profile picture is 110px by 110px.

3. School's Instagram Subtitle OR Name

Your School's subtitle should be SEO friendly and as you might know you get 33 characters for Instagram subtitle, so make this space wisely by keeping your School's marketing and branding both in the mind.

Even emojis are also searchable in the Instagram, If you use any primary keyword related to your education industry like School, Coaching Institute, Higher Ed, School in [City]. There are chances to appear your school in explore and search tab.

Example: Townsand | School in India, Rosewood High School Shimla, Liverpool Business School Haryana etc.

4. Make Your Bio Awesome

Instagram gives a space in bio for only 150 characters so make your bio concise and direct. Use these 150 characters to tell your audience who you are, what you do and why you do plus also also show your school's personality into your language.

You may also use hashtags into your bio to make your School's Instagram Account bio more SEO friendly, because users can follow hashtags which will increase your chances to seen in search results or feed.

To make your School's IG bio more SEO friendly use the industry related keywords into your bio.

5. URL and CTA

Your bio is the only place to add a clickable URL into Instagram other than stories. It is advisable to use the clear Call To Action (CTA) above your URL for the better conversion rate.

You can also use emoji to catch the users attention towards the clickable link.

Make sure you link leads to a mobile optimized website because a majority of users use the Instagram on mobile devices.

You can also A/B testing for your account profile for a same time period to use the best one.

Do You Want Us To Manage Your Instagram & Do Your Marketing?